Sometimes Music…

lossless-page1-306px-25_Westhoff,_Sonate_1682,_prélude_tiffEver heard a song that complete expressed all that you were feeling? Music has that ability. It expresses what we cannot find the words to say.

I’m a writer (yep, and you thought I was just a musician?). Sometimes I will search for pieces of music to list to while I write because that particular song conveys the exact feelings I’m trying to write. Other times I will play the music which inspire my writing. I have a whole “playlist” of songs for harp which were key to writing certain scenes in my most recent novel.

Music is powerful. I believe it is one of the gifts God gave us to express our feelings when words fail. Perhaps author Victor Hugo (Les Miserables) said it best:

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

-Victor Hugo

Les Miserables

When has music conveyed your feelings? Was it an occasion of sorrow or joy?


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