Playing A Season Ahead

800px-necco-candy-sweetheartsChristmas ends. It’s only January, but it’s time to pull out the love songs for Valentine’s Day. Then before February 14th even arrives, retrieve and start practicing those Irish jigs and ballads for St. Patrick’s Day. Then, hurry-up again – it’s time to review hymns for Easter!

Musicians always seem to be a season ahead. After-all, it might take longer than a week to learn (or re-learn) that five page, stacked chord version of “My Heart Will Go On.”

Some folks (like myself) don’t really care when we play certain music – as long as it’s pretty. It’s totally fine to be preparing: anytime, any season. But I do understand that it bugs some people. For example, my mom has a rule: no Christmas music before October!

Okay, sometimes it bugs me just a little… We’ve just put up the October pumpkins, and I’m digging out the Christmas tunes. But I’ve learned to go with it. It’s part of the “music life.”

And always remember your audience – whether in a concert hall, church, or living room – will appreciate that you practiced a season ahead. As your fingers slide gracefully over the strings (or keys), you’ll also be glad this is the (you fill in the number) time you’ve played through the song. It will look effortless because you practiced…a season ahead.

What’s the hardest musical season for you to prepare early for?

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