“Rachel’s Song”

rachel-s-songI don’t know if you play harp, piano, guitar, or another instrument. I don’t know if you just love to play music on the radio or off your smart-phone. (You could tell us in the comments!) But whether you’re a musician or music lover, I can almost guarantee there are songs that hold a special place in your heart. It’s the song that hushes a noisy room, makes Grandma or Mom catch her breath, and keeps the love of music in your heart.

I have lots of favorite songs, and I don’t like to pick just one all-time fav. But…today’s featured song is one of the most requested that I play, and I’ve never played it for a listener who wanted it to end. The name of this gorgeous tune is “Rachel’s Song” – written by David Combs and arranged for harp by Angi Bemiss.

It’s a song that I’ve played just about everywhere. In fact, I have trouble thinking of a performance when I didn’t play this song. And…it’s recorded on my first harp CD By Request (with permission from the composer and arranger, of course). Though I’ve played “Rachel’s Song” at many happy occasions – several weddings, holiday teas, parties, fund-raisers, etc. etc. – I think my favorite memory associated with this song is Grandma requesting it every time I play harp for her.

She fell in love with the song the first time she heard it and she is still asking (after seven years of hearing it) to hear “Rachel’s Song” again! And I’m happy to oblige. One day I asked Grandma why the song inspired her. She said, “It reminds me of a beautiful love story…”

Harpists – if you want to add this amazing song to your repertoire, here’s the link to purchase it through Melody’s Traditional Music & Harp Shoppe: Rachel’s Song 

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