It Will Take You At Least Six Months To Learn That Song…

candlesI’ll never forget those words. “It will take you six months, maybe a year, to learn that song.”

The song? “Somewhere In Time” – and, yes, the arrangement was difficult for my level of harping experience at the time. My music instructor was nice, but she was also very matter-of-fact. However, she unknowingly challenged me with those words (or maybe she knew?). Six weeks later, I performed “Somewhere In Time” for my instructor. Challenge accepted. Challenge accomplished.

I’ve been playing “Somewhere In Time” for the last couple weeks. It’s in my romantic song collection that I usually work on and perfect for Valentine’s Day. (If you want to know what it’s like to play music before the holidays arrived, check out this blog post!) Oddly, I can almost sight-read the music now. It doesn’t take six months or even six weeks of work. Sure, I needed to smooth out some of the arpeggios and improve a string plucking technique required in the piece, but that’s just part of “polishing” a song and getting it ready for performance.

The moral of the story? Hmm…I like challenges?

No, really – this is just a good memory from the days of harp lessons. It’s fun to remember the look on my instructor’s face when I accomplished it so quickly. That feeling of satisfaction that “I won.”

If you’re a musician, there are probably lots of little, special moments that you recall from lessons or practice sessions. May they fill your heart with delight as you play the music you’ve practiced!

Oh – and yes…I’ve been practicing and learning some new music for Valentine’s Day 2017. Songs from the musical “Phantom of the Opera” are on this year’s special list. Whether you get to play background music for parties, romantic music for the love of your life, or just beautiful melodies for your own private concert, may you adore the music you play! (Happy Valentine’s Day)

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