Broken. Repaired.

36 Strings of JoyHarp strings break. (If you’re a harpist, you already know this.)

It’s challenging to describe exactly what it sounds like when they break. It’s not shattering. It’s not a “boom.” It’s not a snap. Well, maybe it’s kind of like all those things combined? It’s a very musical sound, but it’s a bad musical sound. It strikes terror into a harpist’s heart (sometimes). Other times, the emotion is more like “bummer, what an inconvenience, but I was sort of expecting it to happen.”

I’ve had harp strings break when I’m tuning them, when I’m playing, and when the harp is just “resting.” In fact, I had a harp string break in the recording studio working on the Christmas CD. (Yes, we got it replaced immediately, back in tune within 2 hours, and continued recording.)

Why do harp strings break? Age, weather, and tension are just a few reasons. Sometimes, I’m convinced they break just to see if I’ll get mad or be patient. (They just have to break on that stressful day…)

Whatever the cause, wherever the location – harp strings break.

I was musing on this fact and situation a couple months ago when I was replacing a broken string. There’s a precise process for replacing strings. It takes some time, patience, a little skill, and “love” for the instrument.

plant-941365_960_720Think of all the things in life that get broken. (I’m not talking about china dishes.) Relationships are a good example. If it’s a truly important relationship – like parental, sibling, or spouse – take the time to repair. It might take some time, patience, and lots of love, but it will be worth it in the end.

It’s hard to play the song of your life with broken strings. Breaks happen. But you can repair them. Always remember that.

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