About Sarah

36 Strings of Joy

Sarah’s interest in harp began at the age of seven when she had tea with her aunt and cousin at a fancy hotel. “I was sitting there having tea,” Sarah says, “watching this harpist playing a beautiful harp. Right then I knew I wanted to play harp and told my mom of my desire.” Her parents, Shawn and Susan Bierle, were interested in their daughter’s desire. They required Sarah to finish her studies in piano so that she would have a strong background in music which proved extremely helpful. When Sarah was twelve they began to do serious research on harps. They decided to rent a harp, and Hattie Hedrick, music director of a church, professor of music, and harp teacher, became Sarah’s instructor.

Sarah loved playing harp and moved quickly through the beginning material to the astonishment of her family and teacher. Three months later Sarah was proudly taking home her own Dusty Strings 36-string Irish folk harp. She launched back into a heavy practice schedule and a year and a half after beginning, she started performing publically. Over the last few years she has played at many venues including: the Temecula Valley Women’s Club Holiday Home Tour, Truffles and Lace Tea Parlour, anniversary parties, weddings, funerals, and for many family and friends. “I love it!” Sarah said. “The opportunities to meet people and share joyful music are things that I enjoy doing.”

Recently, Sarah has focused on improving her musical techniques, particularly in classical music and Celtic music. She also arranges music for lever harp.

Sarah looks forward to every performance opportunity. She diligently practices so that her music will be delightful to all audiences. Let Sarah’s harp music fill your home with elegance and joy by CD or live performance!

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